The RevoLuTion: DSLR Advantages


The advantages of DSLR’s are well know.  What’s missing from our list?  Have you experienced other “DSLR Highs” while shooting?

  • Rich, saturated footage with an exotic depth of field

Sample: The movie “Red Tails” was one of the first major films to be shot with DSLRs

  • Low light shooting capability

DSLR AudioBox

  • Workflow is faster, cheaper and almost equal to high end film – some say that the difference is indiscernible.
  • DSLR’s are cheaper and sell in these price ranges: $600, $3500 Canon 5D Mark III, $5,000, $15,000 and more.


  • Exchangeable lens choices overwhelm the options provided by professional film lens.
This is a photo of all Canon lenses
Canon Camera Company makes a lot of great lenses